Our Lady and Saint Gerard Lostock Hall

  1. Saint Gerard Majella is known the world over, lovingly if unofficially, as 'the Mothers' Saint'. Thousands invoke him as 'Patron of a Good Confession'.

  2. Sunday Masses are now 8:30 am and 10:00 am only.

    Confessions normally on Saturday 11 am to 12 noon but please check the weekly bulletin for any changes.

  3. Sunday 9th December 2018
    2nd Sunday of Advent Year C

    Sunday 16th December 2018
    3rd Sunday of Advent Year C
    Gaudete Sunday




























Parish History

The following extracts are taken from 'A Parish Story' published in 1991 and covers the years between 1891 and 1991.

Environmentally the 'Village' has seen enormous changes, Humble cottages have given way to estates of semi-detached houses, a surfeit of cars speed along roads where horses and carts once ambled along dirt tracks.  Life expectancy is greater, essential if time is be be found to enjoy the delights of inventive progress ...radio, television, video, the internet and travel abroad.  The hooters of 'satantic' mills have long been silent, as have the shunted locomotives, boot and shoemakers, clogger and a beer house.  Today the availability of pizza and fried chicken, demonstrates that the twentieth century has made its mark on Tardy Gate.

We use this name because it is part of our History and because many parishioners prefer it.  Its continueing use will be assured so long as the inn nearest the church keeps its name.

The parish has had an influence on the names of roads in the immediate area of the church, Saint Cuthberts Road, Mercer Drive, Saint Gerrards Road (note the miss-spelling) Lourdes Avenue and Ampleforth Drive.

There is some confusion as to how Tardy Gate got its name but the following extract from ecclesiastical records may shed some light.

Penwortham Manuscript No. L1XSideofChurch2

‘Be it known to all men that we, Clement, Abbott of the monastery of our Blessed Lady and Saint Egwine of Evesham and the convent of the same, make knowledge by these presents that Willm Taylour of Howghwyke within the countie of Lan c,  standdith and is owre lawfull tenaunt of the hoole tenthe corne and hey in Houghwyke forsaide, and none other man at the day of makynge of the presents. And also of a Tenement of owres in the said Houghwyke wherein the saide Willm nowdwellith. And of another  tenement of owres in ffarington   which John Tardy now holdyth and occupieth. 

In witness wherof we have sette hereunto our comyn Seale the X1th day of the monthe of Decembr in the XVth yere of the reigne of our Soueraygne Lord Kynge Henry the V111. (A.D.1524) 

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Mass Times

Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm
Tuesday and Friday at 9:15 am
Wednesday 8:30 am

Confessions & Exposition on
Saturday 11:00 am to 12 noon

Benediction Last Sunday of Month 3 pm

Please see the Weekly Bulletin for any variations.

This Week

Wednesday 12th December- Mass at 7 pm in Thankgiving - Father Xavier's last Mass
Thursday 13th December - Sacred Heart Guild Mass 6:30pm
Sunday 16th December - Baptism of Mark Robert Wilding 12 noon.

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