News & Views May 2021

THE ORIGINS OF THE ROSARY  –     There is debate about the historical origins of the rosary. Legend has it that St Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order, received a vision from Mary who handed him rosary beads, but there are indications that Christians were using rosary beads to pray long before St Dominic was born.   The word rosary comes from Latin the ‘rosarium’ meaning ‘rose garden’, in Medieval Latin it means a ‘garland’ of roses. The rose is symbolic of the Virgin Mary and as the rosary is a collection of prayers, the rosary itself is likened to a collection of flowers offered to the Blessed Mother, just how we might give roses to our earthly mother.       If we go really far back however, chains of beads themselves are among the oldest of human creations, the oldest example of this being shell beads from Africa dated around 10,000 BC. And beads are used as a type of formal prayer by many faiths.

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