Past Clergy

Below is a list of all our Parish and assistant Priests from 1891 to the present day.  If you would like to know more about them and their lives please click on this link.


1891-18921Fr Athanasius Fishwick36-3721 Jan 1918
1892-18964Fr Adrian Beauvosin40-4621 Apr 1906
1896-19059Fr Ambrose Turner43-5202 Dec 1905
1906-192923Dr Cuthbert Mercer41-6315 Aug 1929
1929-194213Fr Theodore Rylance55-6816 Mar 1958
1942-195614Fr Gregory Swann55-6931 Mar 1974
1956-196812Fr Wilfred MacKenzie45-5723 Jun 2004
1968-198315Fr Charles Forbes47-6202 Aug 1983
1983-19841Fr Justin Caldwell54-5529 Mar 2013
1984-19929Fr Rupert Everest53-6109 Aug 2013
1992-19997Fr Gordon Beattie51-58
1999-20034Fr Matthew Burns58-62
2003-2018 15Fr Xavier Ho45-60
2018-Fr Mark Harold

Assistant Priests

19021Fr Maurus Carew52-5321 Dec 1916
19681Fr Roger Lightbound68-6916 Mar 1969
1968-19691Fr laurence Kelly53-5408 Feb 1877
1969-19711Fr George Forbes67-6904 Jul 2000
1971-19765Fr leonard Jackson53-5823 Feb 1998
1976-19815Fr Boniface Hunt52-5717 Apr 1984
1981-19832Fr Justin Caldwell52-5429 Mar 1913
1991-19921Fr Francis Vidal71-7318 Feb 2000
2018-Fr Joseph Gee45-

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