The Second Sunday of Christmas  – Year C

At the heart of today’s Gospel we are told that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”.  The Word became flesh; why does John us this expression “flesh”? Could he not have said, in a more elegant way, that the Word was made man? No, he uses the word flesh because it indicates our human condition in all its weakness, in all it frailty.  He tells us that God became fragile so he could touch our fragility up close. Thus, from the moment the Lord became flesh, nothing about our life is extraneous to him.  There is nothing that he scorns, we can share everything with him, everything.  God became flesh to tell us, to tell you that he loves you right there that he loves us right there, in our frailties, in your frailties, right there, where we are most ashamed, where you are most ashamed.  This is bold, God’s decision is bold; he came flesh precisely where very often we are ashamed, he enters into out shame, to become our brother, to share the path of life.

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