In his farewell discourse to the disciples, Jesus stressed the importance of his “return to the Father”, the culmination of his whole mission: indeed, he came into the world to bring man back to God, not on the ideal level  –  like a philosopher or a master of wisdom  –  but really, like a shepherd who wants to leas his sheep back to the fold. It was for our sake that he came down from Heaven and for our sake that he ascended to it, after making himself in all things like men, humbling himself even to death on a cross and after having touched the abyss of the greatest distance from God.  For this very reason the Father was pleased with him and “highly exalted” him (PG 2:9) restoring to him the fullness of his glory, but now with our humanity.  God in man — man in God: this is even now a reality, not a theoretical truth.  (Pope Benedict XVI)

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