Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

Today we are invited to marvel at one of the most dramatic and amazing of the Lord’s miracles the raising back to life of the daughter of Jairus. The story is told with a level of emotional realism: the calm faith but dreadful fear of Jairus, the servants who bring the news of his daughters death, the calm reassurance of Jesus and even the laughter of the servant who mock Jesus all these make this a story that can engage us and speak to us. And what it says is something profound: all the miracles of the Lord proclaim the Kingdom of God the world the way God wants it to be. God does not want us to die: death is not part of God’s plan for us. This is reinforced by the unfamiliar first reading from the book of Wisdom, which opens our listening to God’s Word today with the dramatic phrase: Death was not God’s doing. God created us to live forever, and the raising of Jairus daughter to life is a vivid and outstanding proclamation of this truth.

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