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  • 12th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 21/06/2020

    Todays Gospel turns our thoughts to the strange phenomenon of persecution: throughout the history of mankind, the truth has been a commodity that [...]
  • CorpusChristi

    Weekly News 14/06/2020

    The Eucharist the Body and Blood of Christ– is a mystery with so many layers and a depth that takes more than a lifetime to penetrate. It is not [...]
  • Trinity Sunday

    Weekly News 07/06/2020

    We begin our Summer 'Ordinary Time' by celebrating a strange feast - not of a particular saint or event, but of the awesome paradoxes of our God, [...]
  • Pentecost Sunday

    Weekly News 31/05/2020

    We arrive at the fiftieth day - the completion of the Easter Season, and the completion of the Paschal Mystery: the Lord has died, is risen, has [...]
  • 7th Sunday of Easter

    Weekly News 24/05/2020

    In his farewell discourse to the disciples, Jesus stressed the importance of his “return to the Father”, the culmination of his whole mission: [...]
  • 6th Sunday of Easter Year A

    Weekly News 17/05/2020

    By now we are some distance away from Easter, but the season is still permeated with the Easter message: Christ is risen, we are baptised in him. [...]
  • 5th Sunday of Easter

    Weekly News 10/05/2020

    This week we continue to explore the meaning of baptism, of membership of the Church, of living a life which has been immersed in the life and [...]
  • 4th Sunday of Easter Year A

    Weekly News 03/05/2020

    This Sunday is traditionally called ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’, because of the Gospel references to Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It is also the day of [...]
  • 3rd Sunday of Easter

    Weekly News 26/04/2020

    During the Season of Easter we walk with the Risen Lord, enjoying his appearing to his disciples. Today's gospel is one of the loveliest accounts [...]
  • 2nd Sunday of Easter

    Weekly News 19/04/2020

    Often people forget that Easter is not just a day, but a season - the longest in the Church's year, in fact! We are given fifty glorious days of [...]

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