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  • 33rd Sunday Year C

    Weekly News 17/11/2019

    We must be very careful that the real point of today's first reading is not washed away in genuine concerns over what one can and cannot say about the responsibilities of spouses. This is not, in fact, a recipe for ‘the perfect wife’, but an
  • 32nd Sunday of year C

    Weekly News 10/11/2019

    It is fortuitous that this passage of the Gospel is normally read near to the beginning of November when we have celebrated the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, since it is a strong proclamation of the reality of life after death and the
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    Silent Auction

    We have been very fortunate to have had a lot of donations from local businesses for our Christmas Fair on 1st December.   To get the best return on these we are holding a Silent Auction. The photo is the Prize Board displayed in the Church
  • 31st Sunday of year c

    Weekly News 03/11/19

    There is a subversive humour in today's Gospel which turns upside down the conventions of everyday life: we see a senior tax official climbing up a tree for a glimpse of Jesus, and the faintly ridiculous scene where Jesus stops, looks into the
  • JohnHenryNewman

    News & Views November 2019

    On 13 February 2019, it was announced that Pope Francis had approved the Decree concerning this miracle, and Newman's canonisation would take place in Rome on 13 October 2019.

    "May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen and
  • Diocese Holy Hour

    Holy Hour

    Join parishioners and clergy in praying for Vocations at the following series of Holy Hours across the diocese.
  • 30th Sunday of year

    Weekly News 27/10/19

    A few weeks ago (22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time) we had a Gospel about humility in social life– today we hear the Lord reiterating the message, but this time in reference to our prayer lives. The two Gospels are linked by the last words today,
  • 29th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 20/10/19

    Perhaps the hardest Olympic event is the marathon: not only does it demand strength and fitness, but it calls for immense perseverance and endurance. Life in general and the Christian life, in particular, is a marathon. We will face hills and
  • 28th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 13/10/19

    There are many messages in todays Gospel: the power of God to heal, the compassion of Jesus for those in need, the fact that a despised foreigner (the Samaritan) is the only one who recognises what has been done, the role of faith and the
  • Christmas Event Banner

    Christmas Fair 1st December 2019

    Our Christmas Fair this year is on Sunday 1st December from 11 am  to 1 pm.  Games, Gifts, Grotto & Grub!
    Festive fun for everyone!

    To download our Poster and Promote the event for us click HERE

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