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  • 25th Sunday Year C

    Weekly News 22/09/19

    How easy to take the words of Jesus out of context: “Use money to win you friends,” is one of those lines that sounds strange to us outside the context of the parable and the teaching in today's Gospel. Even the parable itself can seem a little
  • Coffee Morning

    Coffee Morning

    We are having a Fundraising Coffee Morning on Sunday 22nd September  after the 10 am Mass from 10:45 am to 12 noon.  Please come along and join us for Tea, Coffee & Cakes.  If you have a Raffle Prize or cakes to donate please bring them with
  • 24th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 15/09/19

    The message of God's forgiveness is one that we are familiar with, but which the Lord still wishes to emphasise. Our human approach to forgiveness is so often flawed – we hold grudges, erect barriers, make demands and establish conditions. Jesus
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  • 23rd Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 08/09/19

    The Gospel itself starts with a saying which many find hard to understand: must we really “hate” our family to be the Lords disciples? The point is that it is relative: what are we prepared to give up for  the Gospel? Are we going to try and
  • johnhain / Pixabay

    Weekly News 01/09/19

    Humble behaviour is the mark of the Christian, as it always was the mark of someone “in favour with the Lord.”   In the Gospel, we see Jesus watching the Pharisees: its almost amusing to picture them shuffling for the best places, the polite
  • geralt / Pixabay

    News & Views September 2019

    We are extremely lucky to have so many enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.  Last year as part of the Hope in the Future we had an afternoon buffet in the Parochial Centre as a thank you.     We are going to do the same this year on 8th
  • 21st Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 25/08/19

    It's probably a nightmare we all share to some degree or other - being locked out of the house, the sales, the big match, or missing the train, the boat or plane. Contemplating watching the crowds that have got inside, while we can do nothing,
  • 20th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 18/08/19

    When we consider the Christian life, we often think in positive terms: peace, light, joy, goodness, life. And yet, as the Scriptures remind us today, that Christian life must be lived in the midst of a world which is filled with more negative
  • 19th sunday year c

    Weekly News 10/08/19

    Vigilance: we wait for glory or ruin, salvation or disaster.   This is the choice that faces the Christian each and every day, as we wait for the Lord to return, as he promised he would.  We often live our lives leaving such things to a distant,

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