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  • 2nd Sunday of Easter

    Weekly News 11/04/2021

    Second Sunday of Easter
    After the joys and exuberance of Easter Sunday and Easter Week, we settle down into the longest Season in the Church's Year - Eastertide. This period of fifty days is a time of sustained gladness, which comes through
  • EasterSunday

    News & Views April 2021

    News & Views April 2021
    Social Media has helped us stay connected to our friends and family more than ever since the spread of COVID-19 has caused widespread lockdowns and the enforcement of social distancing throughout the country.     
  • Easter Sunday

    Weekly News 04/04/2021

    Easter Sunday
    When the Word is proclaimed, it is real and active – the Lord is present, and what is described is, in a sense, happening now. On certain days this is made more obvious by the selection of scripture that refers to a particular
  • Good Friday

    Holy Week Resources

    Holy Week Resources
    For those still at home and not attending Mass the Liturgy Office has prepared a service called "The Lord's Day at Home", based on the Sunday Scriptures, that you can pray on your own or with your family. It is particularly
  • Palm Sunday

    Weekly News 28/03/2021

    Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
    On Palm Sunday the long reading of the Passion dominates the celebration, and in a sense its meaning is obvious.  Do not allow this, however, to detract from the other readings, which give the vital
  • 5th Sunday of lent Year B

    Weekly News 21/03/2021

    Fifth Sunday of Lent - Year B
    In the weeks of Lent so far we have followed God’s work of salvation: we have seen the Covenants he established with Noah, Abraham, Moses and the people of Israel after the return from Babylon. Now we come to one
  • 4th Sunday of lent Year B

    Weekly News 14/03/2021

    Fourth Sunday of Lent - Year B
    There were two remarkable moments in the story of the Old Testament where God saved his people; one was in the escape from Egypt – we’ll keep that for the Easter Vigil. The other was the end of their second exile,
  • 3rd Sunday of lent Year B

    Weekly News 07/03/2021

    Third Sunday of Lent - Year B
    This week, in our journey through the Old Testament, we reach Covenant Number Three: and this is the big one - the Covenant with Moses at Sinai. The Ten Commandments are (or should be) familiar to us all: they form
  • Annunciation

    News & Views March 2021

    News & Views March 2021
    Dear brothers and sisters, every moment of our lives is a time for believing, hoping and loving. The call to experience Lent as a journey of conversion, prayer and sharing of our goods, helps us – as communities and
  • 2nd Sunday of Lent Year B

    Weekly News 28/02/2021

    Second Sunday of Lent - Year B
    We spool forward a few centuries in the story of the Old Testament, to arrive at Abraham, “our Father in faith”. Today we hear of another Covenant (like last week) - even though the word is not used. God promises

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