Sacramental Programme

Confirmation and First Holy Communion are prepared for within our Sacramental Programme. 

The Programme each year starts with a letter to parent inviting them to enroll their child on the Programme.  To download this years Mass Programme Click HERE

There are 7 units for the programme.  Details of which can be found by following these links:  Each Unit is accompanied byParent Leader’s Guides (PLG), Catechist’s Guides (CG) Parent Leaflets (PL) and a Worksheet for the Children to complete.

Unit 1We are the people of God.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 2We are People who Pray.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 3We are People who Celebrate Forgiveness.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 4We are People who Celebrate God’s Word.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 5We are People who follow Jesus.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 6We are the Body of Christ.PLGCGPLWorksheet
Unit 7We are People who Live our Faith.PLGCGPLWorksheet

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