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  • 29th Sunday of Year A

    News 18/10/2020

    29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Everyone on this earth belongs to God. All are made in his image. Therefore it is right that all men and women, [...]
  • 28th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 11/10/2020

    28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    The Church’s year is drawing to a close: in a few weeks we will be thinking very clearly about the end of time - [...]
  • 27th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 04/10/2020

    27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Today we focus on the vineyard: frequently we see the vineyard as an image or parable of the Kingdom of God. A [...]
  • 26th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 27/09/2020

    26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Once a sinner, always a sinner.” That seems to be the attitude of the self-righteous in the first reading and the [...]
  • 25th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 20/09/2020

    25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    We can never hope fully to understand God: especially God’'s generosity. We are very good at working out who is [...]
  • 24th Sunday of year A

    Weekly News 13/09/2020

    24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Jesus tells a dramatic story in the Gospel, to make a very important point: the desperate need in our world for [...]
  • 23rd Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 06/09/20

    23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
    No man is an island...” How true this is for those who follow Christ: each of us has responsibilities towards each [...]
  • 22nd Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 30/08/2020

    22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
    A quick glance at last week's Gospel reveals the interesting development of the story: last week, we heard [...]
  • 21st Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 23/08/2020

    21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
    There is a very simple theme to this Sunday's readings: it is the principle of authority in the community [...]
  • TheAssumption

    Weekly News 16/08/2020

    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    This great feast is a twin to the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. Then, if you recall, the preface [...]

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