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  • 25th Sunday Year C

    Weekly News 22/09/19

    How easy to take the words of Jesus out of context: “Use money to win you friends,” is one of those lines that sounds strange to us outside the [...]
  • 24th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 15/09/19

    The message of God's forgiveness is one that we are familiar with, but which the Lord still wishes to emphasise. Our human approach to [...]
  • 23rd Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 08/09/19

    The Gospel itself starts with a saying which many find hard to understand: must we really “hate” our family to be the Lords disciples? The point [...]
  • johnhain / Pixabay

    Weekly News 01/09/19

    Humble behaviour is the mark of the Christian, as it always was the mark of someone “in favour with the Lord.”   In the Gospel, we see Jesus [...]
  • 21st Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 25/08/19

    It's probably a nightmare we all share to some degree or other - being locked out of the house, the sales, the big match, or missing the train, [...]
  • 20th Sunday of Year C

    Weekly News 18/08/19

    When we consider the Christian life, we often think in positive terms: peace, light, joy, goodness, life. And yet, as the Scriptures remind us [...]
  • 19th sunday year c

    Weekly News 10/08/19

    Vigilance: we wait for glory or ruin, salvation or disaster.   This is the choice that faces the Christian each and every day, as we wait for the [...]
  • Stored, Treasure

    Weekly News 04/08/19

    This weekend we contemplate a great truth about our life: you can't take it with you. The old phrase “”There are no pockets in a shroud”” is what [...]
  • Jesus teaching

    Weekly News 28/07/19

    When we see the child in the sweet shop nagging and moaning at mum or dad for something, we probably don't think of it as a model of our prayer [...]
  • Martha Meets Jesus

    Weekly News 21/07/19

    Sacred Hospitality is our theme: as the letter to the Hebrews says: “remember always to welcome strangers, for by doing this some people have [...]

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