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  • 19th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 09/08/2020

    How does God reveal himself to us? Most of the time, in precisely the way we do not expect! This is what happened to Elijah: we expect God - [...]
  • 18th Sunday Year A

    Weekly News 02/08/2020

    Divine providence is a wonderful thing: God is so generous with his creation (it is human greed that denies some their rightful share). The [...]
  • 17th Sunday Year A

    Weekly News 26/07/2020

    What a gift it is, to be able to recognise the true value of things, and choose those which will last forever and bring us true happiness! [...]
  • 16th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 19/07/20

    There is no room in a good field for weeds and rubbish: so in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no room for ‘all things that provoke offences, and [...]
  • 15th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 12/07/2020

    The Gospel today is the beginning of a new section in Matthew, called ‘The Parabolic Discourse’ - a section of parables Jesus tells the crowd, [...]
  • 14th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 05/07/2020

    Todays Gospel in an answer to a very simple question: who is this Jesus we follow? What is he like? He tells us himself: he is gentle, and humble [...]
  • StPeter&StPaul

    Weekly News 28/06/2020

    Peter and Paul are the two great heroes of the Apostolic Age ‑ Peter for leading the first Christian communities and binding them in unity, a [...]
  • 12th Sunday of Year A

    Weekly News 21/06/2020

    Todays Gospel turns our thoughts to the strange phenomenon of persecution: throughout the history of mankind, the truth has been a commodity that [...]
  • CorpusChristi

    Weekly News 14/06/2020

    The Eucharist the Body and Blood of Christ– is a mystery with so many layers and a depth that takes more than a lifetime to penetrate. It is not [...]
  • Trinity Sunday

    Weekly News 07/06/2020

    We begin our Summer 'Ordinary Time' by celebrating a strange feast - not of a particular saint or event, but of the awesome paradoxes of our God, [...]

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