Thursday 30th May – Holyday of Obligation

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Thursday 30th May a HolyDay of Obligation for the Ascension of the Lord.  The Vigil Mass on Wednesday 29th May is at 6:30 pm and Mass on Thursday 30th May is at 8:30 am.

Weekly News 26/05/19

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As Eastertide unfolds, we feel the power and influence of the Spirit growing. This is the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, and the Spirit who brings the Church to birth at Pentecost. As we journey towards Pentecost – the climax of the Easter Season – we should be considering the presence of the...

Weekly News 19/05/19

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We are now closer to Ascension and Pentecost than Easter, but we are still in the Easter Season.  The readings this Sunday begin to move us along too, as once more we hear the Lord at the Last Supper preparing his disciples for his departure: he does this by giving them a rule to live...

Weekly News 12/05/19

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GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY  –  This is traditionally known as Good Shepherd Sunday, and is part of the continuing journey of Easter remember that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who both gives his life for his sheep and takes it up again.  His relationship with us, after the resurrection, is closer than we can imagine: through...


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We are now also linked up to Twitter @stgerardslostoc.  Keep up to date with Salford Diocese and Pope Francis on our live feeds.

Weekly News 05/05/19

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The rest of the world has settled “back to normal” after Easter holidays now, but we continue to dwell on the resurrection of Jesus and the growth of the Church.  Todays Gospel, which many people consider the most beautiful of the resurrection stories, has many themes: the failed fishing trip, the inability of Peter to...


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We now have a Facebook page @stgerardslostockhall as well as this new Website.  Weekly Bulletins and our monthly News & Views will be automatically published to Facebook as they are available. Please follow us and share the links with your friends.  

News and Views May 2019

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This month we have First Holy Communion on 19th May.  Please pray for the Children in the Sacramental Programme who will be receiving the Body of Christ for the first time on this day.  They have been preparing for this day since last October. To View this Edition Click HERE    

Weekly News 28/04/19

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This week the Gospel is chosen because it relates “what happened today” – eight days after Easter, Jesus comes again to his disciples. The story of Thomas’s doubt and faith leads us to think about our doubts and faith – but always in the context of being part of the family of the Church. Remember...

Weekly News 21/04/19

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On Easter Sunday when the Word is proclaimed, it is real and active – the Lord is present, and what is described is, in a sense, happening now. On certain days this is made more obvious by the selection of scripture that refers to a particular time or day. Such a selection occurs this morning,...

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